About the Area

What is There In Ma'ale Adumim Section?

Maale Adumim has all the advantages of a city: an Indoors Shopping Center and several strip malls, a municipal government center, intra-city transportation, an extensive library, Medical services, an art museum, sports and recreational facilities, a lake, a music conservatory, parks and more.
It also has many of the advantages of a small City. It is clean and pleasant, surrounded by palm trees and a breathtaking desert view, and is only 12 minutes from downtown Jerusalem.

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Education & Youth

There are numerous day care programs and preschools throughout the city. Primary education is provided by state schools, three state religious schools, and one semi-private religious school. All secular public schools also have the Tali Judaic enrichment track.

There are a variety of options for junior high school and high school students. Among the regular public school options are: a jr high school with a strong academic track, a brand new space and aeronautics high school which feeds into the air-force, and a smaller Branco-Weiss school for learning and behaviorally challenged students who need smaller classes and additional support. Religious boys have 2 options: the AMIT high school and the Yeshiva High School. Religious girls have 2 options as well: the AMIT high school and Ulpana Tzvia.
About 10% of high school-aged students study in Jerusalem.

Maale Adumim has a well-developed program for children with special needs. Schools have both special education tracks and inclusion programs. In addition, there is an afternoon therapeutic program specifically for children with special needs. Maale Adumim has active Bnei Akiva, Ezra, and Tzofim (scouts) chapters that figure prominently into the lives of the city’s young people.


There are several inter-city buses to and from Jerusalem which also provide inner city routes within Maale Adumim. There are buses to Jerusalem from the town center every 10-15 minutes. There are 2 daily early morning buses which travel to Tel-Aviv. There is also a daily bus which goes to Ariel University and back as well as a direct bus which goes to Beer Sheva.

There is a complex network of foot-paths, bridges and underground tunnels for pedestrians. Many of Maale Adumim’s residents manage just fine without a car.

Community and Religious Life

The city has a mixed religious/secular/traditional population. There are over 40 Ashkenazi and Sefaradi synagogues spread throughout the city, 4 mikvehs, a Hesder yeshiva, a kollel, and several learning opportunities for men and women. Yeshivat Hesder Birkat Moshe serves as a spiritual center for the city. The staff and advanced students offer classes for the larger community.

While most shuls in the Mitzpe Navo neighborhood have an Anglo presence,  Kehilat Mitzpeh Nevo and Nachalat Yehuda in the Mitzpeh Nevo neighborhood and Musar Avicha in the Klei Shir neighborhood, have the largest number of English speakers. Most of the congregants in Nachalat Yehuda are Olim. The Rabbi is American born, and came to Israel as a young child. His sermons are given half in English and half in Hebrew in order to reach out to everyone, so that all will feel comfortable. There is a kids Minyan and within this coming year, we will be starting our Teen Minyan, run for and by the teens themselves.