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The Las Vegas of the Middle East

With an investment of over two billion shekels and the construction of new interchanges – the largest design center in the Middle East is gaining momentum. This construction boom could make Mishor Adumim a major business and design zone of Israel in less than 24 months 

The Jerusalem Metropolitan, which has suffered greatly from a shortage of adequate commercial complexes relative to the rest of the country, is about to undergo a real revolution and all this will happen in Mishor Adumim, The Industrial Park area of the Maale Adumim District

Over the years Jerusalem was left out in the cold as far as modern shopping and entertainment developments, most of Israel leading retail and manufacturing business preferred the Central part of Israel like Tel Aviv or Haifa having shopping centers and shopping complexes that are only expanding – in Jerusalem the trend is quite the opposite. The time has come for a change!

In the industrial area of ​​Mishor Adumim, a shopping and entertainment area is currently being developed that is expected to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over Israel. Design City is currently being built there – the design city of Israel with an expectation of over two million visitors a year. At the same time, hotel, banquet halls and more are being built in the vacinity.
Not far from Design City, another mega project is being built, Two banquet halls and two banquet gardens in an open view overlooking the desert, over an area of ​​8000 square ft, which can accommodate up to about 2,000 people and employ about 200 workers.

Disney is coming to the Middle East

The Kass Group has launched a unique adventure park called LUNA KASS.

The kass Group made a strategic decision to invest over 150 Million Shekels on this project which is the First one and the Only one of its kind in the Middle East, and Adventure Park, all Indoors.

The Luna Kass will have more than 30 kids attractions that are all made and being brought to Israel from all over the world.

This Attraction City is actually being built 12 minutes outside Jerusalem, at the Maale Adumim District called Mishor Adumim. Currently Mishor Adumim is the District biggest Industrial park.

The Luna Kass, unlike the Luna Park and Super Land will not operate on Shabbat. It is expected to open its doors in the Summer of 2021 and since it can operate in Winter as well, the projection is for about three millions visitors in the first year alone.

Growth and Housing in the Area

It is evident that Jerusalem is experiencing fast growth with the satisfaction of the residents being at an all-time high. When viewing the city skyline numerous construction cranes can be seen, evidence that Israel’s capital, Jerusalem, is experiencing an extended building boom.

It is apparent that a large percentage of purchasers in this market are non-residents, mainly Americans and/or Europeans. It has become evident that foreign real estate investment is playing a major role and should be encouraged as an important factor in the growing housing market of Jerusalem and surrounding areas.

Clearly, the increasing presence of foreign investors in homes is an important factor, as it gives the opportunity for investors to own homes with the possibility of them or their kids becoming long term residents at some stage in the future.

It is obvious that Jerusalem is a great place to invest in as apartments are easy to rent out, people from around the world are always looking for places to rent in this wonderful location. However, in the past decade the prices of real estate, homes or apartments, shot up hundreds of percentages and the entry level price is beyond the reach of many. Only very few can afford five or six millions Shekels properties.

In recent decades, many Jews from across the globe are coming to Israel and buying property, while continuing to live abroad. Among the numerous catalysts for Diaspora Jewry to buy Israeli real-estate, particularly in Jerusalem, is the Coming Back Home Factor. And indeed, many of the Jerusalem property buyers are Jews who have children or siblings already living in Israel, and they also wish to relocate to Israel and live the Zionist dream.

The road, on the level of Highway 6, is necessary for the purpose of diverting heavy north-south traffic from the coastal region. Additionally, such a highway would cater to all residents east of the Samarian hills, Palestinians and Jews alike. Such a project also has the potential to impact future regional transportation from Syria and Jordan to Egypt. This vision is imperative for Israel’s existence, which in two decades will approach a population of around 15 million.   According to the current planning trends, Israelis will continue gravitating toward the country’s over-crowded center, along the coast and the greater Tel Aviv area. Looking ahead to 2040, the planning authorities have been instructed to build another 2.6 million apartment units – all of them within the Green Line. The Jerusalem District alone needs to plan for another 300,000 apartments, all within Israel’s official borders. Such a directive pushes Jerusalem’s expansion westward into the green forest areas of the Judean hills and contradicts the national need to realize the potential of the open space east of Jerusalem, toward Ma’ale Adumim and the Dead Sea. Following the same trend, all the existing construction plans have long since expedited the flow of Israel’s population toward Gush Dan. To create more properly balanced spacing, a new national plan is needed along the following lines:
  1. Establishing Jerusalem as a metropolitan city, by developing perimetric municipal transportation infrastructures from Gush Etzion to the Mishor Adumim industrial zone, Ma’ale Mikhmas, Ofra and Givat Ze’ev.
  2. Utilizing the open corridor from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea for settlement purposes through mass construction of hundreds of thousands of housing units.
  3. Developing an eastern boulevard for the State of Israel from Arad to the Gilboa mountain range in the north, while turning the Jordan Valley from the eastern Samarian hills into a contiguous living space that can absorb 2-3 million Israelis. 
  4. Paving a road akin to Highway 6 along with the steps of the Judean Desert, from Arad to Mishor Adumim, continuing northward to Beit Shean and Afula based on the Allon Road outline.
  5. Developing urban contiguity along Route 5, from Rosh Ha’ayin to Ariel, Tapuah, Migdalim, and Ma’ale Efrayim.
These lines all run through Area C, and will create a sustainable infrastructural framework for the Palestinian entity in the areas they already control. A comprehensive plan is needed for western Israel that will balance the necessary space between transportation, water, electricity, housing, sewerage, and protection of green spaces. From this perspective, applying sovereignty obligates the government to formulate a new strategic master plan for the development of Israel’s eastern backbone

The Main Motive to Buy

Jerusalem is not of a stable economic and entrepreneurial nature – it is comprised primarily of civil servants with average wages, and undoubtedly, non-residents provide plenty of work for and inject tremendous funds into various industries, such as: restaurants, taxi cabs, laundromats, caterers, banquet halls, hotels, realtors, contractors, architects, various companies engaging in renovations and hardware, and, of course, the tourism sector and an endless number of services.

Non-residents view property buying in Israel as more than a mere financial investment, but as part of their realization of their faith, their contribution to Zionism. Some even end up making Aliyah, and that is certainly a foot in the door to a process we are all interested in. However, the high demand caused many potential buyers to give up on their dream of living in Jerusalem, this push younger buyers to live in more remote neighborhoods in Jerusalem, but that does not mean their homes are of any lesser quality. 

All we are required to do is go with the flow, allow the city to grow and change, even if these developments seem threatening or difficult, because they just might be all that is good, right and desirable for our city, and the promotion of its real-estate and many other areas of life.

Jews Around the Globe Taking Action!

The new strategy is to position the property investment as close as possible to Jerusalem to enable easy commuting to the Capital City, but take advantage on the much lower entry level pricing for a newly build homes at the neighborhoods around Jerusalem.

Recent Global events and the complex political situations around the world made many Jews to realize that it is the time to think about buying a property in Israel to enable them or their children to return one day to Israel to live. The World became more and more an estrange place and Israel after all is our Home Land.

Givat Adumim: Hundreds of buyers gathered in Jerusalem for an overview of the Housing Project

Hundreds of land buyers participated in a festive event held this week at the Ramada Hotel in Jerusalem, in the future Givat Adumim settlement project near Jerusalem. The event was attended by public figures and real estate entrepreneurs who wanted to express their appreciation for a project near Jerusalem that was designed to help solve the housing crisis.

The United Jerusalem Foundation initiates and markets projects in the field of real estate in Israel.

The foundation has engraved on its banner to fulfill the vision of a united Jerusalem, and to work for the construction and settlement of the Land of Israel.

The lands marketed by the company are privately owned by a Jew and legally registered in the Land Registry.

The real estate projects of the United Jerusalem Foundation are accompanied by leading professionals in the fields of planning, development and architecture and enjoy professional legal assistance.

The United Jerusalem Foundation aims to promote attractive solutions to the housing crisis in Israel and to act in every way to provide young couples with affordable housing at a reasonable price, including through activities to thaw land in the settlement blocs and in the vicinity of existing settlements.

United Jerusalem Foundation – Vision, Faith and Love of the Land.