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The United Jerusalem Fund is holding in total 417 Dunam of Land to be zoned for a multi-family building neighborhood. The Fund divided all of the land into 4,170 Lots of 100 meter each. Each Lot of a 100 meter of land is projected to convert into one apartment unit

In Israel: The United Jerusalem Fund is marketing the Lots at a price of $45,000 each (plus VAT, purchase tax, legal fees and admin fees). Thereafter, after Zoning, each lot owner will have the opportunity undertake to pay all applicable taxes, infrastructure works and the cost of construction to own an apartment at the reduce price of about $280,000 versus the projected market value of $425,000. Basically, making a profit of about $145,000 for an average apartment unit

The United Jerusalem Fund in conjunction with Silvergate Management and its partners devised a Special Program for all interested overseas investors. which is much easier and simpler:

All Foreign investors will have to purchase 4 Lots of 100 meters at a price of $169,000 Inclusive of all the legal and admin fees and VAT (at 17.5%). Most of the foreign, if not all are not subject to the 6% Purchase Tax

Then, the investor may choose one of the following two options:

a) to keep all 4 apartment units, by paying all fees, taxes and build cost when the project actually start

b) to replace all 4 Lots of Land with ONE 100 sq meter (apx 1,000 sq ft) apartment unit fully built and paid for by the assigned builders/contractors.

This will save the foreign investor all the hassle of paying legal fees and signing a complex construction agreement, applying for a construction loan, pay all the fees and taxes in connection with the constructions etc.

Silvergate Management and the Fund decided to make it easy and achievable for the non resident investor to be part of this successful Housing Project of Givat Adumim at an unbelievable low price

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