Givat Adumim - Headlines

"Givat Adumim is here, Exit Jerusalem east and turn right. It is only 5 miles away."

"In the Past 12 months the Demand for housing around Jerusalem increased dramatically. Jerusalem has a severe shortage of housing and the prices are just going up and up…"

"Knesset Ministers on both sides of the spectrum are in the opinion that the new proposed town, Givat Adumim will provide an adequate solution to the Jerusalem Region Housing Crisis."

"Amazing Land Redemption – Great Housing Solution! "

"Givat Adumim is the ANSWER."

"Once it was said that the Orthodox are not tempted by housing beyond the Green Line. However, this has now change. There is a real housing pressure and many new couples are looking for quality housing."

"Givat Adumim a New Apartment to Live In OR just a Smart Investment, The decision is yours."

"The only real Solution to the Housing Price Crisis in Israel is building away from the Center of the State, Judia and Samaria is the Viable Option going forward."

"Government Officials are in the opinion that Since the Project is on a Privately Registered Land and the Government already authorized a Construction Permit for a neighborhood in the Past. It should not be much of a problem to Reinstate the Old Permission in the near future."

"Givat Adumim project is now part of the daily office routine at the Jerusalem City Hall and the Gush Etzion County offices."