Givat Adumim
The new city in the Ma’ale Adumim Section

Once they purchased orchards in Tel Aviv

NOW, We Redeem and Build on Land at the Jerusalem Metropolitan

However, when the land zoning is changed and it is submitted for platting for construction, it will yield high returns to all early bird investors.
 It has already been proven that buying land in Israel is financially lucrative and the value of land is only appreciating over the years. Anyone who purchased land in Israel before zoning/platting, made a relatively high profit. 
It is not a secret that the Jerusalem housing market is in crisis and the demand is much greater than supply. As a result, housing prices have increased dramatically in the past several years. Thus, the Jerusalem surrounding neighborhoods are becoming more and more popular. Especially amongst first time buyers who are not able to afford purchasing a house or apartment in the Jerusalem inner city.

Silvergate Management Presents:

The largest housing project on the east side of Jerusalem

Givat Adumim – Only a 12 minute drive from Jerusalem!

From Jerusalem we travel to the location through Ma’ale Adumim and Kedar. This land is classified as a C-1 area that will remain under the control of the state of Israel.
The Givat Adumim project is to be established on privately registered Land at the Gush Etzion District.

Givat Adumim Overseas Investors Department is at Your Service

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